Saturday, July 10, 2010

First the Egg (Caldecott #2)

Author: Laura Vaccaro Seeger
Illustrator: Laura Vaccaro Seeger
Year Published: 2007
Publisher: Boaring Brook Press
Awards: Caldecott Honor (2008), Geisel Honor Book (2008), NYT Best Illustrated Book of 2007, NYT Best Seller, Horn Book Fanfare Best Book of 2007, Oppenheim Platinum Award (2008), ALA Notable Book (2008)

What did you like/dislike about the book?
Laura Vaccaro Seeger's book, First the Egg, is a simple sequencing story that brings the reader through various scenarios.  The book follows an uncomplicated structure of "First...then."  It comes full circle at the end, when the chicken produces the egg.

My favorite detail of the book is the variety of scenarios Seeger introduces, including butterflies, writing stories, and plant growth.  This would allow for a classroom teacher to spin off into many various lessons.  I also enjoy the diecuts, as they add visual interest to the modern illustrations.

There was nothing about this book I did not like.

This book is appropriate for elementary classrooms.  It can be used in a study about sequencing, life cycles, or writing.

What in your life would have influenced this reaction/response?
This book is uncluttered, which is a plus in early elementary classrooms.  Sequencing can be a difficult skill for students to master and this book would help introduce the idea.  In today's time-crunched classrooms, any book that can serve dual content purposes is highly regarded.  

How does this book compare to similar books/author’s other books?
Seeger's other titles incorporate simple, bold graphics.  They are easy to understand and do not distract the reader with unnecessary text.  This book reminded me of easy reader Dr. Seuss books because they are straightforward.  Similar sequencing books can be used to further teach the topic.

What did I learn about children’s literature from this book?
Illustrations do not have to be complex and text does not have to be superfluous.  Oftentimes, the simplest of books can convey the most information.  Sequencing is a skill that can be introduced at early ages.

Other titles by this author include:

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